Pottery & Glass Category Changes

If you sell on eBay in the above noted category or any of the dozens of categories that have gone through a major revamp, you should already be well aware of just one of many problems plaguing sellers on the eBay platform.

Here’s a link to the Category Changes announcement for October 2021

In the last two days since the change our sales have gone to all but zero.  Traffic is not much better.  We know from experience when these changes take place, that traffic will pick up as the search indexes are rebuilt.  Greater traffic = sales  However, we are deep into the start of the 4Q when instituting these changes are asinine at a time when the platform should be stable and working flawlessly.

Though disappointing, but no longer surprised, we are wasting our time editing and correcting our listing category and item specifics due to this colossal CF decision to implement during Q4.  As a result, we find conflicting categories and torn between which one to use as we surely anticipate eBay’s ignorance will catch up with reality and we will soon find ourselves back here in familiar territory.

The two conflicting categories are:

Pottery & Glass > Cookware, Dinnerware & Serveware


Home & Garden > Kitchen, Dining & Bar > Dinnerware & Serveware

Both categories contain sub-cats of bowl, plates, platter, cups & saucers… as so on.

We find the two categories redundant and indistinguishable.

So, our journey continues.

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